It is important to avoid getting up tight, and worry about what lies ahead. Getting to understand  NTM and its treatment will help you be ready to face the future. Many patients are treated successfully and carry on with a full and rewarding life

Faced with the prospect of living with NTM, it is very easy to become absorbed by the infection. By doing so, you will only slow down getting well again. It is better, to just face each day at time. Solve the problems you can on the day, search for answers for unsolved matters . Use the Forums to ask others like you the question that bother you. You will find many people on the Forums who can help you get on with your life.

The opposite of getting up tight, is relaxation. There are many ways to relax and let the world go by.It really does not matter what technique you use. Of course using drugs or alcohol (beyond  casual social drink) is not relaxing.

When you are really truly relaxed, you will find you will think more clearly and unravel your thoughts. You will find it easier to see the action you can do now. Be prepared to put the other matters to the side, until you have dealt with things you can do now.

A good way to do this is learn how to meditate. Meditation is just a means to relax. You do not have to revert to Buddhist or any other tradition.

Doing meditation for 20 to 30 minutes first thing in the morning is a good way to start the day. Then give yourself the time, to sort out what  is possible to do that day. This will help you cope, get things done, and become a more positive person.

If you are not familiar with Meditation as a relaxation technique, a good and cost effective way is to purchase a set of CD’s called How to Meditate Part 1 (The Basic Kit) which costs A$30.00 plus postage, from Eric Harrison of the Perth Meditation Centre.

Eric Harrison of the Perth Meditation Centre has published many books on the topic. His approach is to  explain how to meditate in a practical and down to earth way. He is not aligned to any particular method, but does comment on some established methods e.g. the Buddhist method . He teaches his way of meditating to corporations, who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their people. To read more about Eric Harrison’s services click