It is not uncommon for the NTM medication to cause thrush of the mouth and other problems of the stomach. For some people probiotics do help to minimize these side effects. They are worth trying and may work for you.

All the probiotics listed below use propriety methods to minimize the effects of stomach acid on the probiotic. Most of the probiotic will make it to the small bowel to do their job. Never the less, it is wise to take a Probiotic at least two hours after meals and one Hour before meals.

National Jewish Health (The gold treatment centre for NTM) recommend Jarro- Dophilus probiotic. It does not need to be stored under refrigeration.

Jarro- Dophilus probiotic is available in Australia from IHerb

An alternative Probiotic is Theralac. It is more costly,and needs refrigeration.  Some people only need to use one capsule every second day.  The Jarro- Dophilus probiotic recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day. Which is bit annoying compared with just one Theralc capsule per day.

Theralc Probiotic is also available from IHerb at

Master Supplements also offer a enhancing product, TrueFlora, which you can alternate with Theralac.

Listed below are a couple of links by Master Supplements that further explain more about their products.


For those who suffer from very severe Gerd problems, Dr Rachel Thomson suggests Vivomixx

Click on Vivomixx to learn about this probiotic

You can buy Vivomixx on line from EPharmacy

or telephoning EPharmacy at 1300 367 283

Recently Chemist Warehouse has begun to stock Vivomixx

This product actually can change the behavior of your gut and is strongly recommened

For those who require a Lactose Free  probiotic,  Dr Thomson suggests Lacto-Flora.

See for product detials

Lacto-Flora can only purchased from Neways