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Pari Nebulizer range.

Aeroclipse Nebulizer

Pari market two Nebulizers in Australia

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The Pari Sprint nebulizer is suitable to inhale Normal saline solution, if the mucus is located in your upper airways
It atomizes the saline faster than the Pari Sprint Star alternative.
The Pari Sprint Star Nebulizer produces finer droplets to reach all parts of your lung (including the deep reaches of your lower airways)
If you are having difficulty clearing your airways, you can try 6% saline solution (called Hyper-tonic Saline)
Use the Pari Sprint Star Nebulizer to inhale hyper-tonic saline.
Inhaling hyper-tonic saline, should ONLY be considered under the strict supervisor of an experienced Physiotherapist and/or Doctor. It may cause you to cough uncontrollably. It can cause the heart rhythm to become unstable, and the lungs to quiver uncontrollably without you being aware of the problem.
The Pari Nebulizers can be used with an Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy System. (OPEP)

 The Aeroeclpse Nebulizer is manufactured to work with an Aerobika OPEP system. It does not produce a very fine droplet and should NOT be used to inhale hyper-tonic saline.

To purchase a Pari Nebulizer telehone  Roland Eisenkolb at Technipro Pulmomed  on 02 9897 5899

The is no Australian Distributor for the Aeroeclipse Nebulizer. Send an Email to Blue dot Medical of the USA and inquire  . Click here to view Blue dot Medical web site and USA prices