The “How to Clear your Airway” information is a collection of information that Mervyn Couper has learned from the medical professionals helping him, many hours searching for information, and his own personal experience. We have tried to explain the principles and some specific ways to clear the airways of NTM mucus.

The best and really the ONLY way to learn how to clear you own airways is to follow the advice of a Respiratory Physiotherapist and your Respiratory Physician. This information is provided only, to help you when you are unable to find a Respiratory Physiotherapist to guide you.

Unfortunately, Respiratory Physiotherapist who have the experience to help NTM patients are rare and not readily available to everyone. As an alternative, we suggest you take part in a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program, preferably at a public Hospital treating patents with Chronic Lung Diseases. Details about Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs and where they are run, are shown in the Info\Exercises section. If none of these preferred alternatives, are available to you we hope the information in this section will help you.

Clearing your airways of mucus is an ESSENTIAL daily practice. If you are lax in clearing your airways, the bacteria will multiply faster, increasing your health difficulties.

It is helpful to know that the NTM bacteria does NOT affect the way Oxygen is absorbed by your blood, or the Carbon dioxide is removed from your blood. We suggest you ask your Respiratory Physician to explain to you why breathing is difficult and what to do if breathing becomes extremely difficult. You might find it helpful to read the information in the Info\Anatomy section to help you understand how the lung works.

Some patients find it beneficial  to wash out their nasal passages out each night. During the night, the nasal passages can become clogged. Starting with clear nasal passages can be helpful.