Golden Rules

You and Your Doctor

Find and rely on a doctor with a history of successful MAC treatments.

Listen to your Doctor. Follow advice and keep your appointments.

Tell your Doctor what is working as expected.

More importantly, if you do not understand what you should do, ASK and ASK again.

If your expectations do not happen, make sure you tell your Doctor.

 You will get better sooner, when you trust one another and want to work together. Make it a true partnership.


 The Golden Rules (in order of importance)

KEEP your mind busy, by focusing on positive activities that capture your imagination.

Learn how to clear the mucus from your airways. Get into the habit of clearing mucus every single day. (See “Airway Clearance”.)

Maintain a good exercise program- include walking, and exercising your upper limbs and chest muscles. (See Exercises.)

Eat only healthy foods. (See “Gerd and Diet”)

If you are losing weight, seek help from your Local Hospital’s Dietitian Department. (See “Preventing Weight Loss”.)

Talk to a family member or friend when at all possible. When needed, send us an Email, (see “Contact Us”.) We are here to help

When you need help, put any inhibitions aside, and ask for it.

Above All, give your immune system every chance to do its job.