The key to performing a “Huff” successfully is being fully relaxed  at all times. If you have learnt how to meditate, this is the time to use whatever you have discovered that reduces the stresses in your body and mind

The task is to exhale and imagine you are fogging up a mirror to clean some marks on the mirror.

If you have not done a Huff before, do your best to let everything you are thinking about at the moment go, and just listen to your body as you do this exercise

Initially slowly take a deep relaxed breath in through your nose. Do NOT STRAIN at all
Open your mouth as wide as possible, without straining your facial muscles at all
Now just let your lung muscles just softly relax and let the air in your lungs quietly escape without any effort by you.
You should find this simple exercise does help drain away the stresses in your body and mind
Repeat this exercise until you can feel when the air is traveling from your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs and your lung muscles relaxing as the air quietly escapes . This can happen when the only thing in your mind is the sense of the air sensations.
You may find your mind wondering away to something else from time to time. This is not unusual, just softly bring your mind back to feeling the gentle sensation of the air moving in and out.

When you are ready to do a HUFF – take middle size breath in only and then squeeze your tummy muscles more to squeeze the air out of your lungs faster. Keep your head comfortably inclined backwards to open up your throat. You are aiming to fog up an imaginary mirror in front of you. It is important TO NOT empty ALL the air out /squeeze to the very end and trigger a cough. Usually after 1 -2 huffs you can hear the mucus moving into the main airways and you can cough it out.

DO NOT allow your ribs or your throat to contract at all. Slowly, gently apply more pressure with your tummy muscles, the sound of the air escaping from your mouth will increase. Now form the sound of the word “Huff” or the letter “K” whilst doing this.

Here are couple of simple things you can do, to make ” Huffing” more successful

  • When exhaling put an open hand in front of your mouth and imagine it is a mirror you want to fog up
  • Ask your local medical centre for a couple of Spirometer mouthpieces. They are commonly made of cardboard tube about 25 ml dia. and 65 ml long. When you huff, have the tube in your mouth as far as is comfortable for you. Hold the tube very gently with your lips. This helps to keep your mouth open and your throat relaxed. If you are unable to get any Spirometer mouthpiece or you need a smaller tube, you can use a plastic tube of appropriate dimensions from Bunnings. You can keep the cardboard tube clean by spraying or wiping it with alcohol.












Spirometer mouthpiece