Check list for your next Doctor’s visit

This form  is a summary of the key points made in the “How to make Doctor’s visits effective” The form highlights the important points to be discussed at your doctors appointments.


Before Your Appointment

  • Write your list of questions BEFORE your physician appointment.. (Best to prepare 3 of the most important questions) .
  • Bring a current medication and supplements list (date started, dosage # times daily, taken at meals or at bedtime, medication changes / new meds, side effects or allergies date(s)& details of reaction).
  • Keep a record of key symptoms, events w. dates that occurred since the last visit. Your ENT/sinus history, GI/reflux history/allergy history is important to your respiratory history.
  • Bring a list of new doctors and other treating physician info.
  •  Bring relevant CT scans, imaging studies, medical reports and lab data to leave with your doc.
  • If possible, bring someone with you to the appointment to make notes or to provide extra listening.
  • If appropriate, email in advance, your 3-4 primary concerns to your doctor or their staff .

At the Appointment

  •  Give details of the specific symptoms /illness for which you came for this consultation.
  •  Submit your list of prioritized questions to your physician at beginning of the appointment. Alert your doctor as to how many things are on the list ,so your time can be planned wisely.
  •  If on NTM meds, provide information regarding side effects and report any new meds provided by other physicians since your previous visit.
  •  If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification.
  •  Provide the phone number in writing of any relative/friend you wish the doctor to call at a later time.
  •  Ask the doctor if there is a need for special assistance / auxiliary services. If so, have the doctor or support staff arrange for those visits.
  •  Ask about your next appointment.

After Your Consultation

If possible, schedule your next appointment prior to your leaving the office. Ask/ remind support personnel to provide equipment or arrange for delivery, procedures needed prior to leaving the office The office should explain special instructions, necessary procedures and supplies prior to next appointment (sputum cups, lab work therapy etc.)






EMAIL ADDRESS/PHONE_________________________________________________
















We hope you will use the check list for your next Doctor’s visit.

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