MyAirVo 2

For patients who have difficulty clearing their airways. the MyAirVo 2 can be a useful aid

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MyAirVo 2 Therapy explained

MyAirVo 2 Demo

MyAirVo 2 User Manaual

MyAirVo 2 UTube  Introduction

MyAirVo 2 UTube Set Up

MyAirVo 2 UTube Operation

You need to use the MyAirVo 2  some 4 to 6 weeks before you will get it’s full benefit. It is best used whilst you are asleep and for six or more hours. The following morning you will feel the mucus in your throat and will be able to cough it up.

You may find it necessary to use MyAirVo 2 for more than six to get a good result. The water reservoir will allow you to use the MyAirVo 2 for 7 to 8 hours by adjusting the air flow rate.

To get the Best Support from Fisher & Paykell Healthcare call (03) 9879 5022 and ask for Customer Service Specialist for the  MyAirVo 2

They are able to discuss your particular airway clearance problem and advise you where you can purchase a MyAirVo 2 in your area and be supported

The preferred reseller of the MyAirVo 2 in Perth, Western Australia is

Sleep Studies – Australia
Call Simon Kemp
Telephone (09) 1300 651 234